Thursday, 29 April 2010

Looking to the future

People talk about the future in a way that is always bright and cheery, in that its always going to be better tomorrow than it is today, but very few seem to have a true grasp on what their future holds, its only those that have the desire, the will and the ability to plan that can grasp their future dreams.

A for me thats no different, I have already spent the past 3 years of my life preparing myself to enter the Game industry in some form, originally as a programmer, but now as an artist, and enrolling in Games Art at De Montfort is but a “step” in what I believe is the right direction. The course will certainly help me achieve 2 things, to have a greater ability to create traditional and digital artwork and a greater proficiency at 3D modelling. The fact that the course has many contacts in the industry itself certainly helps, but its not something to be relied on.

Do I think that I will spring straight from the course, into the Games industry? No probably not, the current financial climate is a bit shaky, with a number of companies already gone under, its certainly a time where companies are more likely to fire people than hire them. So unless something drastic changes in the next few years, I’ll most likely be stuck either having to do freelance work.

And I’m happy with that, I have a few friends that have set up a company that caters to getting artists work, kind of like an agent for a writer or actor, it allows me to concentrate on the work, without having to worry about finding it and while I wont get the all the money from the work, I will certainly have money coming in. Which will give me time to figure out what to do next.

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