Thursday, 29 April 2010


Just what is creativity, the view on creativity is unique with each person and with no right or wrong answer, which just makes it harder to sort it, which to me is great! Creativity to me is the ability to see beyond our “perceived” reality, that “view” is coloured depending on the way that the person is trying to see beyond their boundaries, whether that is in the visual arts, writing, programming, mechanical engineering or the realms of quantum mechanics, and with so many ways to show creativity it makes it hard to point down how its manifests.

But do those boundaries limit our creativity? I believe that depends on said boundaries, for an artist if it is to create a new look for an existing well known character, like Batman for example, then rather than being diminished, their creativity is enhanced, with so much reference material to look back on, allows the artist to create a new look for the character. This of course answers another question people ask about creativity, “Does it have to be unique to be creative?”, we all have our own different ways on creating something and by making something, we are making something unique.

But what is creativity in games?

In games, just about everyone involved in creating them are creative and work together to create the best possible outcome, which can be found in both a band identity and the gameplay of the game itself. Whether its a new game mechanic, or a unique way of visualising the game, for example in black, white and red only.

And for me I shall show my own creativity through art by showing my experiences and knowledge, I have a large number of topics and media to draw from, from films, books, different cultures, history and other areas. And by making sure I do whatever is the most obvious first, so that no matter what, whatever comes next is always more interesting than what came before.

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