Thursday, 29 April 2010

Constructive Feedback - “Time to swing some axes”

Thankfully we wont be swinging axes too much when it comes to the bad points in the course, as there’s a fare amount of good things that I’ve seen this year on the course. So since there are so few lets start with the bad’uns shall we?

Visual design, the big pdf that listed all the projects was awesome, it certainly made it easy to look up on upcoming projects, only problem is that when you add or change the projects it can get confusing, doubly confusing when there isn’t anywhere to look up on the changes without having to poke you and asking what it is. Perhaps if you sent a message on facebook when you made any changes, then any confusion can be avoided, we’re all connected on there so there isn’t any reason why we shouldn’t get the message and it shouldn’t take too long to do if you kept the description of the project brief.

Game production, myself and a number of other students tend to find the tutorials on blackboard to be confusing and unclear at times. I had less of a problem than perhaps the others but its certainly something that people have been talking about repeatedly.

Critical studies, this is more of a preference than a problem since I know some people on the course wont like it but, 200-300 words is far too small for me. I find that there are points that I want to make and feel are necessary, but find that the word count is always cutting me off. I do realise that to make all the blog tasks around 500-600 words, means that its less of a blog and more an essay, but like I said its a personal preference.

And now for the good points,

Course overall, all the resources that you give us via blackboard is immense and extremely helpful. I’ve been using them since day one and have found them to be a good source of reference for the work.

And for improvements, well the ideas that you have put forward are certainly good ones, especially having more formal lectures on stuff like art theory as by myself and a few others on the course are a bit weak in that area. And the video tutorials are also a great idea, it means that I have a resource that I can take home and watch whenever I get confused on a project, or if im looking for some more info on a certain subject.

I’ve throughly enjoyed the course so far and hope to continue to do so in the future.

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