Thursday, 14 January 2010

"More Bloom! More! More! More! SHAZAM!"

If you get the joke in the title congratulations, you have no life!

Moving on.

Ah the present, what a wonderful time to talk about games, and yet what a terrifying time to talk about games. It is in no other part of its history have change and developed so rapidly, for so long were we stuck in a slump when games were first born, unable to fully grasp at their potential, now a days it’s the opposite, the big companies are getting out the big guns and are stopping at nothing to make a buck, or are the game developers trying to make sure that the feeling of fun is still kept in games, whilst they are being bombarded with new technology, pressure and sometimes, a slightly harsh and overbearing workspace.

But at any rate now is the time of the video game, for they have progressed to the point that they now rival movies in telling stories, thanks to them having a deeper connection with the viewer, plus they are becoming more realistic looking by the day.

The development of games has very much continued on as it has done in the mid 90’s, only the stakes have been raised, High-Definition quality graphics, motion control and the expansion into the Casual area of gaming has made some immense changes in the world of gaming. For one thing HD gaming has become the be all and end all of games, an arms race of digital beauty, has pushed gaming for years and most likely years to come, but that isn’t entirely good.

HD content is difficult to make, plus it takes a long time and a lot of space to store it, because of this the other areas of the game can suffer, plus games are far shorter than they were, there were games that went on for weeks, months even because they were so big, now they can barely fill a weekend. Add to the deadlines, stubbornness of a Game Developer’s clients can often break a team, forcing them to can a project and losing both time and money in a failed product.

Motion control is also an important development since it has opened up gaming to those that originally wouldn’t touch it at all, like my Grandparents for example, Nintendo’s Wii, with its Wii Sports is something that my Grandparents would happily play, yet anything else is usually classed as boring, or for kids. Plus the motion control of the Wii Remote (yes its shaped like a remote) means that you can do things in game like you would do in real life, like opening doors, swinging swords, punching and dodging in a boxing match, helps newcomers get into games quickly without having to learn all that much to play.

And while HD is often more of a hindrance than anything in development, technology is constantly being developed and so something new will come up, like the devices that use your mind as a controller being developed by Sony, the millions being spent in creating Virtual Reality devices.

The future has many possibilities and I feel privileged that I will get the chance to see them.

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