Wednesday, 13 January 2010

80s-90s Mad hair, clothes, music and Video Game market crashes

Ho my, again I have to look at a period of game development, last time it was the 50s to the 70s and now I have to do the 80s/90s? The work never ends!

Now it is during the 80s that games really start to hit off, arcades started to become popular in society, the first true home consoles to appear, along with home computers being cheap enough for the average chump to buy, in a way it’s the beginning of the modern gaming society. There is so much that I can only really scratch the surface. And yet at the same time an event, which people call “The video game crash” or “Atari Debacle”, made a good portion of the video game world bankrupt and forced out of business, we are lucky that what we have now is even here!

And why did this happen? Well one of the reasons, is the same as why I can’t go into much depth of what happens in the 80s, there was so much variety in the business and to be frank, a lot of consoles and games were copied and sold which further hurt business, along with poor development (which is shocking considering how little effort was needed to make the games then) just meant that companies had to fold due to financial difficulties. A good example is Atari, they made a game of the E.T. film, but so few copies of the game sold, that they were forced to dump the thousands of copies into landfill in Mexico city along with a bunch of other Atari related goods.

Because of this by the 90s there wasn’t such a glut of different consoles and home computer systems, only a few companies had the money to make consoles, and so in the end they were the only ones that could make them, forcing everyone else into to develop games for their systems, that or go bust. Because of this, the consoles more readily became a part of the household, with Nintendo, Sony and Sega becoming the big boys on the block and the beginning of the present platform of gaming that we have today.

But still games were a little different in the 90’s compared to the 80’s, which is mostly thanks to the onset of 3D, yes my friends we upgraded a dimension and now we can go and revel in worlds of beauty, or at least that’s want I want to say, they unfortunately still looked like something made at the last minute, plus the guy making it was smoking something and I’m not sure that something had any business being put in a pipe. But at least there was 3D, which became the standard rather than the norm by the late 90’s thanks to Nintendo’s N64, a console of which every game seemed to be made in the 3D realm.

And thank god for that, for who knows where we would have gone without the blessings of the 3rd dimension!

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