Tuesday, 13 October 2009

And so there is a begining

Good lord it seems that I have finally sorted out the blog, guess I gotta get with the talkin D:

Well with the beginning then! This blog is place for me to do many things, these things being thus

1. To publish various ramblings for the course I'm on, yes the course is very snazzy and with the times :D

2. To put up the occasional artist research I do from time to time

(something I hope that I will actually do and not talk about)

3. Small mumblings on various subjects, I have a habit of trawling the internet and thanks to the fact I've been brought up by both an artist and a musician (and crazily have dabbled in both areas to varying degrees), means I tend to see and hear quite a few interesting things and so I may share my thoughts on said things.

Hopefully you'll be interested in what I say, if not ignore it, most people do XD

4. Just plain random things, I suffer from Narcolepsy and insomnia, so from time to time I do hallucinate some strange things, Dinosaur Jazz bands, Hamsters in top hats doing a tap dance routine on my keyboard, Pixies acting out scenes from films and various other things.

It makes me laugh and I'm sure you would enjoy a laugh too and hopefully there will be little doodles of said events. ^_^

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